Which RBI committee has in 2017 recommended that banks should link home loan rates to repo rate?

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The only married couple to fly together in space were Jan Davis and Mark Lee, who flew aboard the Endeavor space shuttle from Sept 12-20, 1992      .. More >>

1.relating to or employing correlation      .. More >>
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    After seeking blessing from Sursa Hanuman continued on his journey. Soon he realized he couldnt move, to his surprise his shadow was trapped in the clutches of a sea demon named Simhika. Hanuman then saw an ugly creature rising form the sea. She was a ferocious looking demon, black as a coal and a huge belly. These creatures kill their prey by grabbing their shadows. He had heard from King Sugriv about this creature one who grabs hold of anyone by their shadows.He thought to himself that he should get rid of this trouble soon to avoid further delay. Seeing Hanuman, Simhikas Simhikas meetmouth started to water she opened her wide mouth. It was so huge that her opened mouth touched the sky. Hanuman thought to defeat a monster this size I should enter her stomach and kill her. Without wasting any minute Hanuman shrank to his tiniest size and entered her mouth. Inside Hanuman went on a rampage and started clawing her organs with his sharp fingernails. Gripped by pain, Simhika opened her mouth with a loud painful howl and Hanuman jumped out of it. Once out, Hanuman resumed his original form and started hitting Simhika with his mace till she dropped dead in the sea.

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