Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Swachh Bharat Mission in Uttar Pradesh?

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In Waterloo, Nebraska it is unlawful for barbers to eat onions while on the job.      .. More >>

1.(used of persons or the military) characterized by having or bearing arms
2.having arms or arms as specified
3.used of plants and animals      .. More >>
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    Consider the quality

    When I visit a photography portfolio or even a showcase, I expect all the time to be able to see the pictures in full size if I click on them and it would better be huge. I want the pictures to look good and fit my screen if I would like to have it as a desktop background. And not only about this but if I want to see all the details, I canandt do it properly on a small picture.
    To avoid keeping the visitors wait too much, have two versions of each picture you can resize them with a JavaScript too. This way if somebody is interested in seeing one of your pictures larger, he knows that this comes with the price of loading time.

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