The 2017 World Day for International Justice (WDIJ) is observed on which day?

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Hugh 'Ward Cleaver' Beaumont was an ordained minister.      .. More >>

airport terminal:
1.a terminal that serves air travelers or air freight      .. More >>
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    Chopsticks in your hair

    If you are using this style on a day with lots of running or just a normal day, remember to use bobby pins and regularly go into the toilet to check if your hair has gone loose or the chopstick has dropped!Decorate the chopsticks for added effect.You can paint them, stick sequins or rhinestones on them or even drill a small hole and thread through sparkly crystal beads or small, dainty objects that weigh very little and tie them into place.Of course, only add decorative elements to the end that does not get pushed through your hair.

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