"UBIN" drive has been started for start-ups to begin their new businesses without any delays. What does UBIN stands for?

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Phobia :
russophobia : fear of russians.      .. More >>

boron trifluoride:
1.a pungent colorless gas      .. More >>
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    Lettuce juice contains anticough agents, which can help relieve irritable cough, as well as the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. One of the carotenoids which is found in leafy lettuce, carotene, is absorbed in a selective way by the macular lutea. It is thought to achieve some level of light filtration or protection which as of yet is not pinpointed. What is known is that people who eat a diet rich in those fruits and vegetables can have much fewer incidence of macular and degenerative eye diseases as they age.

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