Which country is hosting the Copa America cup 2016?

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Heritage : buland darwaza, fatehpur sikri
at 53.5 m., it is the highest gateway in india. built by akbar to commemorate his conquest of khandesh in gujarat.      .. More >>

speak for:
1.be a spokesperson for      .. More >>
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  • Fashion Designer Cars in the world

    Nissan Micra ELLE

    The Nissan Micra ELLE. Not a patch on the Nissan Micra Wave. Oh, how we chortled about that one.
    The problem with the ELLE which saw Nissan team up with the fashion magazine to produce 500 Micras is that the name gets lost in translation. Say you drive a Nissan Micra ELLE and people of a certain age will have visions of the baseline L models from the 1970s and 1980s. Nissan Sunny L, anyone?

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