Which hockey team has won the 2016 Senior Men's National Hockey championship?

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Heritage : rashtrapathi bhawan, delhi
the official residence of the president of india, formerly vceregal palace. over looks a beautiful mughal garden. it has 340 rooms, 37 salons, 74 lobbies and loggias, 1km. of corridor, 18 staircases and 37 fountains.      .. More >>

genus swertia:
1.genus of herbs of mountains of North America and Eurasia and Africa      .. More >>
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    Make Sure you Read Widely

    Being an avid reader will help you in group discussions. Last minute preparations you are strictly a no no, while you are preparing for group discussions. You should read over a period of time. Reading not only adds to your knowledge database, but enhances your vocabulary skills as well. Plus reading over a period of time, helps in your understanding of a particular subject/ topic better.

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