In which of the following states of north east India, president 's rule is imposed, in 2016?

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Scientists investigating tumour growth added a gene from a firefly to make a glow-in-thedark tumour.The tumour is visible through the skin of a test animal, so scientists can see if it grows or shrinks.      .. More >>

1.one of the largest and most famous duck-billed dinosaurs      .. More >>
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  • Valentines Day Party Idea

    Plan some Party Games

    Kids look forward to games and elders enjoy them too. Ideally at least two games should be planned for a Valentines Day Party. Select some innovative games keeping in mind the age of the participants. You may plan more games if the invitees are of mixed age group to ensure that everyone has a blast. Dont forget to keep token prizes for the winners. A good way to please all guests would be to keep favors for everyone.

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