DRDO has signed pact with which IITs for Centre for Propulsion Technology (CoPT)?

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Invention : steel, stainless
Year : 1914
Inventor : harry brearley
Country : uk.      .. More >>

lover's knot:
1.a stylized knot used as an emblem of love      .. More >>
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    Friendship Symbols

    Chinese Friendship Symbol
    Ancient Chinese symbols are very mysterious in nature. Most of these symbols are derived from ancient Chinese calligraphy. These days, people prefer having these symbols as a part of body art, in the form of tattoos. These symbols are said to enhance positive energy in your friendship thus making it even more strong and lasting

    Friendship Bracelets
    Friendship bracelets are very common symbols of friendship. You can find many such bracelets in the markets these days. Since there is a huge variety to choose from, you can easily afford to be choosy about your favorite colors, designs, patterns, etc. The friendship band is supposed to be worn on your wrist until it falls off naturally.

    Friendship Stones
    Powerful friendship stones symbolize happiness and joy. They usher in good luck and strength in friendship. Some of the popular stones are Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite, Turquoise Egg, etc. One can get these stones from any certified jeweler. While purchasing a friendship stone for your pal, ensure that you keep in mind hisher choices.

    Jade Plant
    The Jade plant is also known as the Friendship Tree. Some people mistake it to be the money plant. This plant is succulent and has pink and white flowers. The plant has the capacity to spread joy and positive energy and add happiness in this beautiful relation. The green juicy leaves signify joy and energy between two friends. It is an ideal gift to be given to a friend.

    Promise Ring
    Exchanging promise rings on Friendship Day signifies a very strong bond and means the friends are committed to each other in friendship. This is to say that whatever happens, they shall never leave each others side. One can easily get these rings from the market these days. They are available in a huge variety of colors and designs.

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