Which of the following country has decided to sell nuclear-capable F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan?

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Unit : british thermal unit (btu) (39 f)
Formula :
in si : 1059.67
si unit : m2*kg/sec2(joule)
in cgs : 1.06E+10
cgs unit : cm2*g/sec2(erg)
Category : energy.      .. More >>

field winding:
1.the electric coil around a field magnet that produces the magneto motive force to set up the flux in an electric machine      .. More >>
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  • Rules to play Bocce Ball

    known as the court

    If you dont have a bocce court, you can always play in open space, although a defined court is preferred. A regulation court is a maximum 4m (13 feet) wide and a maximum 27.5m (90 feet) long, although any rectangular court measuring about 13x90 should do. Regulation bocce courts have a raised barrier around the edge of the rectangle. In most cases, this raised barrier measures a maximum of 20 cm (8 in) high.
    Mark a foul line, if not already given, beyond which players cannot step as they bowl a bocce ball.
    Some players prefer to pound a regulator peg in the exact center of the court. This is the point beyond which the jack or pallino must pass when it is thrown out at the beginning of the game. This is one variation of how many people play bocce, although it is not standard.

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