The Asia's Longest Beach Festival will be held in which state/ union territory of India?

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During World War II, a German U-boat was sunk by a truck. The U-boat in question attacked a convoy in the Atlantic and then rose to see the effect. The merchant ship it sank had material strapped to its deck including a fleet of trucks, one of which was thrown in the air by the explosion, landing on the U-boat and breaking its back      .. More >>

1.the archeology of ancient Sumerians      .. More >>
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    Capers add bold and vibrant flavor to your meals the small, pickled flower buds contain mustard oil, so even a few capers impart big taste. Cooking with capers adds interest to your meal without adding a lot of calories each tablespoon contains just two calories. Capers provides some health benefits due to their modest nutrient content, which helps you reach your recommended daily intake of a few essential nutrients. However, due to their high salt content, you should consume them in moderation.

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