general knowledge 2015 - 02

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Which country is conducting the first 'South Asian Annual Disaster Management Exercise' (SAADMEx) ? 2015?

Invention : contraceptives, oral
Year : early 1950s
Inventor : gregory pincus, john rock, min chueh chang
Country : us.      .. More >>

1.perennial herbs of Europe and Iran      .. More >>

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Lose is a verb; it is the opposite of "win" and also the opposite of "find."
  • The baseball team is losing 5-2.
  • I lost my favorite hat. I can't find it anywhere!

    Loose is an adjective, it is the opposite of "tight."
  • These pants are too loose - I'll need to wear a belt.
  • My seven-year-old daughter has a loose tooth; it will probably fall out soon.

    In lose, the "s" sounds like a "z." In loose, the "s" sounds like an "s."

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