Under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, India had agreed to phase out use of Endosulfan by the year ________?

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Baseball's home plate is 17 inches wide.      .. More >>

1.any of various shrubs or vines of the genus Clianthus having compound leaves and pealike red flowers in drooping racemes      .. More >>
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    Kotoku in Temple in Japan

    The Giant Buddha of temple of Kotoku in Temple in Kamakura, Japan was built in the 13th century.It used to be housed in a great hall of the temple but the hall was destroyed in the 13th century, 14th century and finally in the 15th century.Kamakura is close enough to Tokyo to make it an easy day trip and there are a wealth of Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines in the city, such that the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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