General Knowledge 2014 - 32

The Union government has in 2014 granted minority status to Jain community. The top three states with largest Jain population in the country are ________?

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Sharks will eat almost anything. The stomachs of dead sharks have been found to contain bits of boats and vehicles and even a knight in armour.      .. More >>

1.the act of gripping and pressing firmly      .. More >>

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Ways Your IT Team Makes You Look Like a Hero

They keep the business safe and operational

The old answer to how does your team make you look like a hero was by keeping you out of the news and keeping a low profile, said Davi Ottenheimer (@daviottenheimer), president, flyingpenguin. That still holds true, continued Ottenheimer, but simply working hard to ensure nothing noteworthy happens doesnt get as much notice as completing projects, such as a self service portal for password resets or end to end encryption. Protecting the brand and sensitive information is always top of mind, said Demetrios Laz Lazarikos (@vArmourNetworks), CISO, vArmour. In every CISO role Ive been in, being a hero is when the infosec team delivers projects, doesnt slow down the business, and continues to protect the organization.

The unrelated participle

Don't Say:
Being in a hurry, the door was left open.

Being in a hurry, he left the door open.

Take care to provide the logical subject relating to the participle phrase In the sentence given, the logical subject to being In haste is he and not the door.
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