General Knowledge 2014 - 28

In recent times, which among the following blocks of countries is pushing for implementing the UN Security Council (UNSC) reforms?

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The stinking corpse plant, or rafflesia, is a huge parasitic flower that smells like rotting meat.The flower is up to a metre (about 3 feet) across and is the largest flower in the world. It grows directly out of a creeping vine, from which it gains all its nourishment without ever growing leaves of its own.      .. More >>

1.intensifying by augmentation and enhancement
2.serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body      .. More >>

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Bring shows movement TO the speaker; take shows movement AWAY FROM the speaker:
  • Could you bring me a fork from the kitchen?
  • Could you take the mail to the post office? or take the mail from here to the post office

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