General Knowledge 2014 - 24

Which among the following is the largest foreign bank operating in India in terms of asset base?

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The first series of commemorative stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service depicted Columbus's discovery of America. They were issued in 1893 and available in 16 denominations ranging from one cent to $5.      .. More >>

1.heedful of potential consequences      .. More >>

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XMas Bucket List

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Not contempt with buying and sending out generic Christmas cards, my dear old mother has been creating her own for as long as I can remember, in fact she has gotten so good at tit over the years that she now even does wedding invitations and the like for friends and family. Anyway the point is that Christmas cards dont always have to be flimsy pieces of lightweight card, folded in the middle with an image of some classic scenery with snow on top of the trees. You see if you create your own cards they can pretty much be anything you want them to be. The best thing about making your own is that they are personal, as well as a much higher quality, you can add peoples names to them, you can use a million and one different methods, materials and sizes, the skys the limit in all honesty and as long you are able to use a glue gun, a pair of scissors and you have some fancy bits and bobs you can add to the card then you are off on the right foot. So if you want to stop sending generic cards, you know what to do, make your own.

This for That

Don't Say:
Look at this dog across the street!

Look at that dog across the street!

This is used to indicate something physically close to the speaker In the case of abstract things we use this for things which are most immediately present: This is a lovely song1 I'll help you do it this time. When we tafk about more than one thing we use this for the closer or more immediate and that for the further away or more remote in time If weVe only talking about one thing we usually use that; What's noise? That's a nice coat! Don't do that'
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