Which country has been ranked highest in Global Age-watch index, a global index on economic security and health and have been considered best for growing old?

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The fastest animal in the world is a swift. It can reach up to 98 miles per hour (168 km/h).      .. More >>

1.a bowl-shaped drinking vessel      .. More >>
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    Tubing Warning

    Please see the Winter Sports Safety Act. All guests participating in Snowtubing must agree to the following statement upon issuance of their tubing ticketSnowtubing involves risks and dangers. I understand that lane conditions vary constantly and that there are risks of high speed, collisions in and beyond the lane, leaving the lane and slipping and falling. I agree to tube only in my designated lane and only when released by an attendant. I understand and agree to remain aware of and avoid other tubers while exiting the tubing lanes. I accept responsibility for my own safety and assume all risks of injury, death or property damage. I also agree to follow all Wintergreen instructions. I understand that I can return this ticket for a full refund, within 30 minutes of purchase, if I do not agree to accept these conditions. I understand that this ticket is revocable at any time if I do not comply with any applicable term. This ticket is non transferable.

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