Which among the following Parts of Indian constitution deals with the Special Provisions relating to certain classes?

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If nasa decided to send birds up in space, the birds would soon die. They need gravity to swallow.      .. More >>

1.a member of a group of French painters who followed Fauvism      .. More >>
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    Aladdin is a Middle Eastern folk tale from The Arabian Nights successfully adapted by Walt Disney Pictures in cartoon back in 1992. This amazing series of three movies and tv series directed by John Musker and Ron Clements showcased Scott Weinger as Aladdin and Robin Williams as The Genie. Disney successfully supported homosexuality 20 years back in a twisted way with a scene from the movie where Aladdin almost drowns after being kidnapped and dropped into the sea by Jafars goons. Genie saves his master and says out of genuine affection for Aladdin, Im getting pretty fond of you, kid,and later adds, Not that I want to pick out curtains, or anything.Later, in the movie Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Aladdin establishes himself as a fatherly character. That movie contains a hilarious reaction from Genie during Aladdin and Jasmines wedding sequence. Theres an earthquake, to which Genie reacts while muttering I thought the Earth wasnt supposed to move until the honeymoon.

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