Which among the following dams of India is world's second largest concrete gravity dam (by volume) ?

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1.someone who is appointed or elected to an office and who holds a position of trust
2.the official who holds an office      .. More >>
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    Back Spot

    The back spot is also called a third . This is the person actively stabilizing the stunt from the back. They help to position the flyer in the bases hands upon entry. They support most of the weight of the flyer. They do so by using their hands to support the flyer buttocks and ankles, and then push her up into the air. Once in the air, they will hold the flyer ankles with both hands, pulling the ankles up to loosen the weight of the flyer for the bases and providing support. When the flyer cradles, they catch her under the arms to support the upper back and neck area. Since the center of gravity for a flyer is their hips, the back spot will always look at the hips while the stunt is happening. The back spot can determine the stability of the stunt by watching the flyer hips. If the back spot follows the hips with her eyes, they can tell where the rest of the body will follow that is why they must make sure that the hips are centered between the shoulders and ankles. If the flyer falls backwards, it is crucial for the back to attempt to catch the head and shoulders to prevent head/spinal injury. Due to the back responsibilities, they are generally the tallest members of the team.

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