General Knowledge 2014 - 12

Iddukki hydroelectricity project is located on which river?

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Carrots have zero fat content.      .. More >>

telephone jack:
1.a jack for plugging in a telephone      .. More >>

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Benefits of Hair Straightening

Adds shine and helps accent straight hair

Once a user has gained experience with straightening her hair, new tools and products can be incorporated into the process. In time, individual touches and techniques are likely to develop. If you have colored or permed hair, think twice before you use an iron on them to straighten them. Usage of too many products can cause damage to hair.

The unrelated participle

Don't Say:
Being in a hurry, the door was left open.

Being in a hurry, he left the door open.

Take care to provide the logical subject relating to the participle phrase In the sentence given, the logical subject to being In haste is he and not the door.
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