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Which among the following has became the first state in the US to take steps to enact tough new laws to confront growing gun violence in schools in the country, by imposing new restrictions on assault weapons?

In 1856, the USA passed a law saying that its citizens could claim any uninhabited island anywhere in the world if it contained large deposits of bird faeces.      .. More >>

1.the presence of excessive protein (chiefly albumin but also globulin) in the urine      .. More >>

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Ways of cooking food

boil: in water, e.g. carrots
fry: in oil or butter above the heat, e.g. sausages
grill: under the heat, e.g. toast or meat
roast: in the oven using oil, e.g. meat
bake: in the oven without oil, e.g. cakes
Note: Food which is not cooked is raw.

Cooking steak

If you have steak you can eat it rare (= cooked very quickly and still red); medium-rare (cooked a bit longer and just red in the middle); medium (cooked a bit more and just pink); or well-done (cooked even longer and not pink at all).

Describing food

tasty: has lots of taste: a positive word; ^ tasteless: a negative word
bland: without a strong taste; neutral in flavour, e.g. boiled rice
sweet: lots of sugar; = bitter salty: lots of salt
hot/spicy: lots of spice, e.g. curry
fresh: recently produced, e.g. fresh bread; recently picked, e.g. fresh fruit
tender: easy to cut; a positive word used to describe meat; = tough
fatty: meat with a lot of fat; = lean
fattening: food which makes you put on weight / get fat, e.g. cream, biscuits, etc.

Eating in restaurants

In Britain you often have three courses: a starter (e.g. soup), a main course (e.g. steak or chicken), and a dessert (e.g. strawberries or ice cream). You may also have an aperitif (= a drink before the meal, e.g. gin and tonic), and coffee after the meal. When you pay the bill (= the money for the meal; AmEng = check), you sometimes also leave a tip (= money) for the waiter if service is not included in the price. (10% is a normal tip.) If it is a popular restaurant, you may also need to book (= reserve) a table in advance (= before you go).

The menu

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