Who among the following has been appointed as President of NASSCOM?

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Every chocolate bar produced contains an average of 8 insect legs.      .. More >>

alex boncayao brigade:
1.an urban hit squad and guerrila group of the Communist Party in the Philippines      .. More >>
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    Course and Rules

    Bobsled runs look like tunnels without roofs, and they twist and wind down hillsides or artificial slopes. Most have a base of concrete or stone, which is covered with snow and iced over. Courses measure from 1200 to 1600 m (0.75 to 1 mi) in length. Over that distance most courses drop 110 to 125 m (360 to 410 ft) in elevation. They feature straightaways that are barely wider than the sleds and curves that range from slight deviations to 360

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