In the Second ASEAN Defence minister's meeting (August,2013) it has been decided to set up an additional Expert Working group on Humanitarian Mine Action which will be co-chaired by?

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Cockroaches can live for 9 days after their head has been cut off.      .. More >>

1.type genus of the Chalcididae      .. More >>
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    Arne Nyberg 1938

    As for Arne Nyberg, whose semifinal goal against Hungary came about a week after Veinantes goal for France, another goal in 35 seconds. It might have brought Nyberg a degree of personal glory, but it didnt work out so well for the Swedish player. It meant nothing in the context of the game ? the Hungarians were soon back on level terms before going on to trounce the Swedes and book a place in the final.

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