As per the latest data by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), which of the following states tops in human rights violation cases?

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Sea : mediterranean sea
area : 2,503,000 sq. km
avg. depth : 1,485.00 mts.      .. More >>

bitter aloes:
1.a purgative made from the leaves of aloe      .. More >>
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    Buddel thermometer

    Pour some coloured water into a bottle. Push a drinking straw through a hole bored in the cork so that it dips into the water. Seal the cork with glue. If you place your hands firmly on the bottle, the water rises up the straw.The air enclosed in the bottle expands on heating and presses on the water surface. The displaced water escapes into the straw and shows the degree of heating by its position. You can fix a scale on the side of the bottle.

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