general knowledge 2013 - 22

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The Nile River which is regarded as the longest river in the world empties into the ________?

Terminology :
phenology : the study of periodicity phenomena of plants.      .. More >>

1.bivalve lamellibranch n.
1.marine or freshwater mollusks having a soft body with platelike gills enclosed within two shells hinged together      .. More >>

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Basic English Usage
English Grammar
Relationship can describe a connection between two people (this connection may be romantic or not):
  • I've been dating my boyfriend for three years. We have a great relationship.
  • He has a terrible relationship with his father.
  • My sister and I have a good relationship.

    Both relationship and relation can describe connections between two things or ideas:
  • I'm studying the relationship between education levels and poverty.
  • There's a close relation between smoking and lung disease.

    The word relations (plural) is used with general connections in a specific category:
  • international relations
  • diplomatic relations
  • public relations
  • race relations
  • sexual relations etc.

    Although relations can mean the people who are biologically related to you, it's more common to call these people relatives.

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