General Knowledge 2013 - 20

Which among the following team has won the first edition of the Hero Hockey India League?

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What you find when you shave the striped fur off of a tiger? Striped skin.      .. More >>

casus belli:
n. event used to justify starting a war      .. More >>

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Trips And Things To Strike Off Your Bucket List Before Getting Hitched

Fly like a bird with paragliding

Paragliding in India is usually met with skeptical looks. However, it s been a part of many tourist packages for a long time. There are tons of destinations for paragliding in India, some of which include Kullu, Jaipur, Pawana, Kunjapuri and Yelagiri among others. With so many options to choose from, fly the skies with open arms and take in the view of sunsets, oceans and mountains.

English Grammar
[do + be + adjective/noun
don't + be + adjective/noun]
  • Don't be ... is used to give people advice or orders.
      Don't be afraid. Don't be a fool!
    In affirmative sentences, we usually just use Be . . .
      Be careful!
    But Do be . . . is used for emphasis.
      Do be careful, please!!!
      Do be quiet, for God's sake!
  • In other cases, we do not use do with be.
      I am not often lonely, (not I do not often be lonely.)
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