The Arvind Mayaram Committee has been looking into the matters related to the ambiguities in the definition of __:

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Phobia :
atychiphobia : fear of failure.      .. More >>

1.not having a head or formed without a head
2.not using intelligence      .. More >>
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    Very different from the cutlets of the Brits, this is referred typically to a crumbcoated, thinly spread out dough, made generally of chicken/mutton minced, mixed together with onion, bread crumbs and chillies. Generally it is then dipped in egg and coated in breadcrumb, fried and served with thin julienne of cucumber, carrots, radish and onions. Often an egg mixed with a teaspoon or two water and a pinch of salt is dropped on top of the frying cutlet, to make it into a kabiraji, the Bengali pronunciation of a Coverage or Cover:Egg Cutlet, influenced by the British.

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