Name the Indian Chess Player who has won Politiken Cup in Denmark.

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Researchers have developed odourless socks. The sock fabric is made by attaching molecules that contain chlorine called halamines to textile fibers      .. More >>

1.devoted to a cause or ideal or purpose
2.solemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose      .. More >>
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    Home of Lady Catherine in Pride and Prejudice Burghley House UK

    At number 22 of the list of 29 movie locations that you can actually visit is the home of Lady Catherine in the movie version of one of Jane Austens most celebrated novels, Pride and Prejudice. The location in question is Burghley House, located in the United Kingdom. The term house does not do it justice, as the place looks like a small imperial palace typical of the golden years of the British Aristocracy. Just one look at the structure and you are immediately transported back in time to the age of empire and characters like Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy walked its hallowed halls.

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