Which among the following State government will launch 'Annaprasana' an innovative programme devised to promote early initiation of breast feeding and providing complementary feeding to the infant after six months from next month?

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Cholera T.B Germs
Discoverer/Inventor : robert koch (germany)
Year : 1877      .. More >>

1.pertaining to or worked or produced by friction      .. More >>
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    Free Kick

    The Two kinds of free kicks are direct and indirect.Direct free kicks; The player taking the free kick may be directly kick the ball into the goal to score, and is not required to touch any other player, the major fouls outlined in law 12 result in this direct free kick being awarded.Indirect free kicks; Before entering the goal, the ball must touch one or more players from either team after the free kick is taken.When taking a free kick the following rules apply.The ball must not be moving when kicked the referee will indicate if the free kick is indirect by raising one are straight up above his or her head. opposition players must be 10 yards from where the ball is placed for the kick.The person taking the kick may do so if the opponents are within 10 yards.
    the person taking the kick may request the referee moves back the opponents 10 yards if the kick is taken within 10 yards of the oppositions goal, they may stand on the goal line.a free kick taken by a defending team inside of there own goal area may be taken from anywhere within that half of the goal area an indirect free kick taken by the attacking side within the defending sides goal area is to be taken on the edge of the 6 yard box, nearest to where the foul was committed.The player taking the free kick must not touch the ball after taking the initial kick until another player from either team has touched the ball.

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