General Knowledge 2013 - 03

The difference between the outflow and inflow of foreign currency is known as ________:

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While sailing along the Caribbean coast of South America in 1499, the Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojedo saw Indian houses built on stilts over the water. The area reminded him of Venice, and he named it Little Venice, which in Spanish is Venezuela.      .. More >>

in darkness:
1.without light      .. More >>

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Biggest things in the World

A Bridge

In 2007 a 200 tonne metal bridge was stolen. The bridge that was originally located in Khabarovsk in eastern Russia vanished overnight. The bridge was part of the only road that accessed a local heating plant. The company, who relies on the bridge to get their employees to work, says it will cost them $37,000 to replace the bridge. Interestingly, this isn t the only bridge to go missing. Bridges in India, the Czech Republic and Turkey have all been scooped up too

English Phrases
The unrelated participle

Don't Say:
Being in a hurry, the door was left open.

Being in a hurry, he left the door open.

Take care to provide the logical subject relating to the participle phrase In the sentence given, the logical subject to being In haste is he and not the door.
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