Today's Gurmukhi, Dogri and Sindhi scripts have developed from which among the following scripts?

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1.the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple
2.the property of being pliant      .. More >>
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  • Healthy Shoulder

    Use a Sled for Explosive Pulls Instead

    Louie Simmons turned me onto sled work back in the 90s and I have found it to be an invaluable asset in the training of clients ever since. A great way to use the sled is to replace barbell Olympic lifts with explosive sled pulls.Simply hook up a pair of TRX straps to the sled, get in the same position you would be to start a high pull (except that your hands will be out in front of you holding the straps instead of by your knees holding the bar) and then explode up the same way you would with a bar, shooting for triple extension while pulling the straps up toward your chest. Walk backwards to pull out the slack in the straps, bend over and repeat for the prescribed number of reps.This is an awesome way to get explosive pulling in and simulate Olympic lifts when you cant do them due to shoulder problems.

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