Consider the following statements about the X-Rays:
1.The Hard X-Rays have a shorter wavelength than the Soft X-Rays
2.The X-Rays are deflected by the Electric Field, but are not deflected by the Magnetic Field
3.X-Rays don't show many properties of light such as Refraction, diffraction, Interference and Polarization
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

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1.impregnate with a medicinal substance
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    Make And Drink Homemade Mulled Wine

    A tradition that has been lost a little in recent years in the homemade mulled wine. I remember a few years ago when you couldnt get away from the stuff but it slowly phased out until last year when it seemed to be all over the place again. I think mulled wine is great if you enjoy the taste but I admit it isnt to everyones liking. Mulled wine is a tradition that has been around for centuries and it will more than likely stay with us, going in and out of favour every couple of years, but still holding on. If you are not much of a mulled wine person then there are alternative recipes for it as well as recipes for a completely different but just as tasty Christmas beverage; Egg Nog, this is another traditional drink that has been around for many many years, traditionally its made with eggs which gives it the frothy texture as well as sometimes different flavoured ciders and brandys; see below for a few alternative recipes.

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