Indian Polity & Governance in Constitution - 01

The Archaeological Survey of India is an attached office of the Department/Ministry of: [2004]

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Police dogs are trained to react to commands in a foreign language; commonly German but more recently Hungarian.      .. More >>

organic chemistry:
1.the chemistry of compounds containing carbon (originally defined as the chemistry of substances produced by living organisms but now extended to substances synthesized artificially)      .. More >>

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Rules to play Wheelchair Tennis


A ball is made of two elastic hemispheres joined together and covered by a layer of wool and synthetic threads. Its colour must be yellow or white.

This for That

Don't Say:
Look at this dog across the street!

Look at that dog across the street!

This is used to indicate something physically close to the speaker In the case of abstract things we use this for things which are most immediately present: This is a lovely song1 I'll help you do it this time. When we tafk about more than one thing we use this for the closer or more immediate and that for the further away or more remote in time If weVe only talking about one thing we usually use that; What's noise? That's a nice coat! Don't do that'
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