A graduate at 18, professor and associate editor of the Sudharak at 20. Secretary of the Sarvajanik Sabha and of the Provincial Conference at 25, Secretary of the National Congress at 29, leading witness before an important Royal Commission at 31, Provincial legislator at 34, Imperial legislator at 36, President of the Indian National Congress at 39..a patriot whom Mahatma Gandhi himself regarded as his master. [1997]
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Discoverer/Inventor : selman waksmann (u.s.a)
Year : 1944      .. More >>

prayer beads:
1.beads used in counting prayers (especially Catholic rosary)      .. More >>
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    Insect Bites

    The herb is a prophylactic or preventive and curative for insect stings or bites. A teaspoonful of the juice of the leaves is taken and is repeated after a few hours. Fresh juice must also be applied to the affected parts. A paste of fresh roots is also effective in case of bites of insects and leeches.

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