Recently a Central team was sent to Ahamadabad and Pune to investigate the outbreak of "Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF). This disease caused by which among the following?

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Mark Twain didn't even make it through elementary school.      .. More >>

1.cover up with white-out
2.lose daylight visibility in heavy fog, snow, or rain
3.widen the interlinear spacing by inserting leads      .. More >>
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    Road To Giza Egypt

    The Road to Giza is the worlds oldest known paved road. The road is over 4600 years old and is six and a half feet wide. It covered a distance of seven and a half miles connecting the quarries to the Southwest of Cairo to the quay on Lake Moeris which connected to the Nile. The road was used to transport the enormous blocks of basalt to Giza where they were used for building (especially for paving).

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