general knowledge 2011 - 03

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Consider the following reason of arresting and sending Bal Gangadhar Tilak to Mandalay Jail a few months after the Surat Split of 1907? 1. Tilak supported the acts of the revolutionaries by writing in Kesari that there was excess of patriotism at the root of Bomb in Bengal. 2. Tilak had induced the factory workers in Bombay to declare a strikeWhich among the above is/ are correct?

Head lice suck blood for about 45 seconds every 23 hours, but they can go without a meal for up to two days if they are between heads on a comb, towel or pillow.      .. More >>

mad-dog skullcap:
n. American mint that yields a resinous exudate used especially formerly as an antispasmodic      .. More >>

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Basic English Usage
And etc used instead of etc

Don't Say:
I, you, we, and etc. are pronouns.

I, you, we, etc., are pronouns.

However, students are advised to avoid using etc. in an essay and to use phrases such as and other things, and so on instead. Etc. is the short form of et cetera, a Latin phrase meaning and other things The combination and etc. is wrong because it woufd mean and and other things
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