From which of the following dates, the Model Code of Conduct becomes operational in an election for a state assembly in India?

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Phobia :
hodophobia : fear of road travel.      .. More >>

1.an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
2.a contest between athletes
3.participation in sports events as an extracurricular activity      .. More >>
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  • Finishing Moves In WWE

    Sheamus Brogue Kick

    This move just fits The Celtic Warrior so perfectly; its straight to the point and can look quite brutal when sold properly. Thanks to Sheamus size, a leaping kick to the face is quite devastating, and doesnt require much of a setup to execute.
    As one of WWEs Hosses, Sheamus moveset tends to be more on the blunt side, and this finisher is no exception. If he ever gets a chance to cash in his Money in the Bank opportunity, this move will most likely be the reason he becomes the next WWE champion. Youre excitement of that prospect will vary depending on what you think of him.

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