Consider the following:
1. Cooperative Banks
2. Scheduled Cooperative Banks
3. Scheduled Commercial Banks
Which among the above are allowed to invest in Private Bonds in India ?

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Nobel Prize : Physics
Year : 1924
Name : karl m. g. siegbahn
Country : sweden.      .. More >>

express mirth:
1.produce laughter      .. More >>
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  • Benefits of Sapodilla fruits

    As a Detoxifying Agent

    Sapota acts as a diuretic and thus helps in removing waste materials from the body through frequent urination. It prevents edemas or water retention by maintaining the water concentration within the body. the sapota fruit should be eaten ripe. But you can also choose to have the sapota juice if you please. Raw sapota fruits are extremely bitter due to high content of tannin and latex, and can cause mouth ulcers, itching sensation in the throat and difficulty in breathing.

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