For next fifty years let Mother India be the only God to be worshipped by the Indians Who among the following said this ?

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A person infected with the SARS virus, has a 95-98% chance of recovery      .. More >>

emilie charlotte le breton:
1.British actress and mistress of the prince who later became Edward VII (1853-1929)      .. More >>
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    Safe Use of Rakes

    Select the right size rake for the job. Choose a rake that is light and easy to use, matching the size and strength of the user.Do not reach too far out and extend the back during raking. Use shorter raking strokes by standing in an upright position.Regardless of whether the user is left or righthanded, continuous raking may overstress the same set of muscles. Periodic breaks or shifting of hand positions may help to minimize this overstressing.Make sure that rakes left on the ground are facing down. Secure rakes during transport to avoid injuries.

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