GK 2010 - 12

Jonk River, Ib River, Ong River & Tel river are tributaries of which of the following rivers?

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Since 1916, when a man mailed a 40,00o ton brick house in order to avoid high freight costs, it is forbidden to send a whole building by mail in the united states.      .. More >>

1.the act of rearranging things to give a misleading impression
2.throwing and catching several objects simultaneously juggle v.
1.influence by slyness
2.manipulate by or as if by moving around components
3.deal with simultaneously
4.throw, catch, and keep in the air several things simultaneously      .. More >>

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Memory and energy booster

Almonds help in boosting the power and capacity of your brain. All the essential nutrients that they contain boost your?memory, and also reduce the risk of Alzheimer?s disease (loss of memory in old age).?They have riboflavin and magnesium, which are great energy boosters that allow you to stay fresh the entire day. Not to forget, almonds increase your productivity at the workplace as well.?

This for That

Don't Say:
Look at this dog across the street!

Look at that dog across the street!

This is used to indicate something physically close to the speaker In the case of abstract things we use this for things which are most immediately present: This is a lovely song1 I'll help you do it this time. When we tafk about more than one thing we use this for the closer or more immediate and that for the further away or more remote in time If weVe only talking about one thing we usually use that; What's noise? That's a nice coat! Don't do that'
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