What was the title of the World Development Report 2009 released by World Bank?

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Element : cobalt
Symbol : co
Atomic no. : 27
Melting Point (deg c) : 1495
Boiling Point (deg c) : 2927
Discoverer : brandt (c.1735)      .. More >>

cellular division:
1.the process in reproduction and growth by which a cell divides to form daughter cells      .. More >>
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    Out of Sight Out of Mind

    Don t hide the fruit and vegetables in the bottom crisper drawers of your refrigerator. You may forget about them when it s time for a snack. Always keep fresh fruit visible and at the ready in a fruit bowl on the kitchen table, on top of your desk or cut up and portioned out in containers in your refrigerator. For fruits, consider apple slices, orange slices and grapes portioned into baggies or small containers for grab and go convenience. Don t forget about your veggies! Cut a red or green pepper into slices or cut carrots and celery into handy sticks and portion them all into containers in the refrigerator. This way, when you re hungry you re more likely to reach for a healthy snack.

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