Who among the following was a leading exponent of Gandhian thoughts?

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There are 48 Gutenberg Bibles still in existence. Two of them were in Germany during World War II and are missing, but many book collectors believe them to be in private collections.      .. More >>

putting iron:
1.the iron normally used on the putting green      .. More >>
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    Kate Hudson

    Kate Hudson is looking very energetic and fit in this picture. With that exercise mat and a bottle of water in her hand, it is clear that she is one her way to maintaining that fit and energetic physique. Not through any grueling exercise regimens of course, but via tranquilizing yoga sessions that leave you feeling fit not only physically but also mentally. With yoga as her weapons, there is no need to survive on meager meals to stay fit for Hudson. Yes, Hudson is one among the several celebrities who all swear by yoga the ancient form of exercise that is a wholesome way to stay in the pink of health physically and mentally.

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