The real executive power under a Parliamentary Government rests with

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Book : rains came
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take ten:
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  • Cut Throat Pool Game


    The pool game Rotation, or Rainbow, is a game where players gain points. The player who scores the highest amount of points at the end of the game wins. If your total points reach 61 points, you automatically win. To start a game of Rotation, the cue ball, the white one, must first hit the lowest numbered ball on the table. After the lowest ball is touched, sink your called shot. If you dont touch the lowest number first, or at all, the next player can place the cue ball wherever she wishes. This process is called ball in hand. She must then touch the lowestnumbered ball and continue the game. The number of points you gained is determined by which ball you sink. For example, if you hit the colored ball with the number five on it, you score 5 points.

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