A = 5, B = 0, C = 2, D = 10, E = 2. What is then AB + EE - (ED)powerB + (AC)powerE = ?

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In France, calves' eyes are soaked in water, then boiled and stuffed and finally deep fried in breadcrumbs.      .. More >>

1.make more intense, stronger, or more marked
2.become more intense
3.make deeper
4.become deeper in tone      .. More >>
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    Racing booties

    The zippers on luge booties draw the sliders feet into a straight position as opposed to flexed. This position minimizes frontal drag see The Physics section.During a race, something like a snag in a racing bootie can affect the sliders aerodynamics enough to mean the difference between a win and a loss. Sliders typically race in brand new gear to reduce the chance of an unnoticed imperfection.In the next section, well put this all together and see what happens during a luge run.

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