Solid cube of 6 * 6 * 6. This cube is cut into to 216 small cubes. (1 * 1 * 1).the big cube is painted in all its faces. Then how many of cubes are painted at least 2 sides.

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Island : java
Location : indiand ocean
Area : 126,295.00 sq. km.      .. More >>

1.widely distributed herbs having palmate leaves and creamy white to or pink to magenta flowers with many stamens of unequal length      .. More >>
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    Praise Your Success

    I really dont see any reason whatsoever you shouldnt be proud of what you did. If youre successful, let the world know. Being shy will not help you here. You may not be the next CEO of the largest start up like Charles Phillips of Infor, but you still deserve to brag a little bit. Youre acting on a field so crowded with information that even your own identity is difficult to persist, if you dont actively work at it. Just because your clients know your name that doesnt necessarily mean youre perceived as an expert in your niche.

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