Pyorrhea is a disease of the

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Invention : diapers, disposable
Year : 1950
Inventor : marion donovan
Country : us.      .. More >>

hot line:
1.a direct telephone line between two officials      .. More >>
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    Set forth your intentions

    You cannot hit a target if you cannot see it. Once you have become clear about what you want from your career and in your love life then you can start to visualize yourself in that space. If you have been unfulfilled in past relationships, with lovers and workplace it will be challenging get out of the cycle of being unfulfilled. Visualizing yourself as you would like to experience your relationships and successful career opens your mind on a subconscious level to the belief that obtaining these things is actually a possibility for YOU. Hitting your target is much easier if you can see what it is that you are aiming for, so set forth your intentions.

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