Where is located Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute ?

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Terminology :
histology : the study of tissues.      .. More >>

balaenoptera borealis:
1.similar to but smaller than the finback whale      .. More >>
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    Why? It s more satisfying than the train and there are lots of options. It s virtually impossible to make a bucket list that doesn t include Machu Picchu. A secret city never found by those pesky conquistadores perched in the mountains swirled by mists and mysteries it s the stuff of travel legend. The trouble is when you ve seen so many many photos of the Inca citadel there s a danger it ll be a bit of a let down. And that s one reason why if you can you should go on foot. The city deserves the slow build the accumulated excitement that trekking there provides. Also deciding to lace up doesn t mean you have to hit the Inca Trail. There are plenty of alternatives to the classic: you can hike via the much less visited ruins of Choquequirao; head along the dramatic and diverse Salkantay Trail (with posh lodges en route); or tackle the tough Vilcabamba Traverse.

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