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Which of the following plant diseases is caused by a virus?

Romans who killed a relative would be executed by being tied in a sack with a live dog, cockerel, snake and monkey and thrown into a river.      .. More >>

garnet lac:
1.lac refined by treating with solvent      .. More >>

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The system

Most children in England and Wales follow this route in the state system (= free education).


You go to school (as a pupil to study) and go to university (as a student to study). You dont use the definite article the here. Other expressions like this are go to bed (to sleep); go into hospital (when you are ill); go to church (to pray / to worship).

In some areas of the UK there are not many grammar schools.

There are also public schools. In fact, these are private, and parents pay to send their children there. Some are expensive. About 5% of the population go to public schools.

A school timetable

Maths is an abbreviation of mathematics.

As you can see, the pupils have five lessons every day, and altogether they do (= study) eleven subjects a week plus Physical Education (PE). Every morning they have a twenty-minute break. There are three terms (= periods of continuous work) in a school year, and the timetable changes every year.

Note: Some words in English which end in s look plural, but in fact they are singular: Maths isnt my favourite subject, and physics is very difficult.
Most nouns of this type refer to subjects; other examples are economics and politics.
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