A "clinical death" take place when

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The biggest beetle in the world is the dung-eating Goliath beetle it's about the size of a hamster!      .. More >>

1.being or occurring in fact or actuality
2.no less than what is stated
3.being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something
4.not synthetic or spurious
5.not to be taken lightly
6.possible to be treated as fact
7.being value measured in terms of purchasing power
8.having substance or capable of being treated as fact
9.(of property) fixed or immovable 10.coinciding with reality 11.founded on practical matters real adv.
1.used as intensifiers real n.
1.any rational or irrational number
2.an old small silver Spanish coin      .. More >>
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    David Gower

    David Gower was one of the greatest English batsmen of all time. He was a masterful stroke player and made it almost a habit to score big runs. He was immensely popular and since his retirement from the game, he has become as popular a cricket commentator. David Gower today is one of the most famous cricket commentators. He has been a very popular television personality and apart from commentary has been featured on a number of other shows connected to cricket. He has been associated with BBC for many years and more recently with Sky Sports.

    From playing the game to doing commentary for cricket, David Gower has made a smooth transition and such is his popularity today as a broadcaster that many think his stint as a cricketer was like a training course for his second career. Cricketscorelive.com offers information on David Gower and the other famous cricket commentators.

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