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A human embryo is smaller than a grain of rice at four weeks old      .. More >>

1.protected from heat and light with shade or shadow
2.(of pictures or drawings) drawn or painted with degrees or gradations of shadow      .. More >>
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    Worlds Smallest Girl

    At 24 inches tall, Jyoti Amge is the size of an average 3 month old baby. Amge, however, is not an infant. In fact, at 21 years old, shes old enough to have one of her own. Ever since she turned 18, which was back in 2011, Amge has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the Worlds Smallest Woman. Before that, she was the Worlds Smallest Teenager. While Amge isnt expected to get any taller, she still hopes to make it big in the film industry whether it be in Indias Bollywood or Americas Hollywood.

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