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Book : mill on the floss
Author : george eliot.      .. More >>

red maids:
1.succulent carpet-forming plant having small brilliant reddish-pink flowers      .. More >>
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    Lucario is a species of Pokemon in Game Freak and Nintendo s Pokemon franchise. Lucario first appeared in the film Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew were it was the central character. It then appeared in, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl , the video game and in its subsequent sequels. It also appeared in various spin off titles, merchandise and both in printed and animated versions of the franchise. Lucario is voiced in Japanese by Daisuke Namikawa and in English by Bill Rogers. It is one of more popular Pokemon from the fourth generation. It has earned a spot in the brawl and is a popular choice in the battling arena. It has the skills to be a physical or a special sweeper.

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